Templates Vs. Custom Websites

Templates Vs. Custom Websites

BY ATOMIC | JUL 30, 2023

When creating an online presence for your business, the website you create plays a vital role in getting to your customers, regardless of what you do. The dilemma of choosing between a website template or investing in a custom-built website is not unheard of, and you are not alone if you are struggling with this decision. 

Templates vs. Custom Websites

Here we will explore the advantages of having a custom website for your business. We will also discuss the advantages of a website template and help you make informed and wise choices. As a digital agency based in Birmingham, we understand both a business’s unique needs and this exuberant city.

Custom Websites

Custom websites are specifically crafted for your business. A custom website meets any kind of unique business requirement that you may have. All this while giving you complete control over the design, the functionality, and the user experience. No template is used to make a custom website, and it is tailored to reflect your brand’s identity. It ends up being so unique that it is optimized for your specific goals.

Unique Design

One of the key features you have here is the unique design of the website you ordered. 

  1. It will have the identity of your brand in its essence
  2. You have the freedom to create a design that goes the best with your business
  3. You are given the advantage of working with web designers and developers to incorporate the essence of your brand, the brand color, the logo, and the overlapping into the website design. 

All this will set you apart from your competitors, who may be using an untailored, non-specific genetic template available on the web.


As your business grows and evolves, the website must be tailored accordingly. Only a custom website will offer you the advantage of scalability. This means it can easily get new features and functionalities along with users’ requirements and business demands. 

It won’t matter if you need an online store, add a booking system, or expand your content offering. A custom website will take care of all your needs while being flexible and allowing seamless growth without compromising performance.

Enhanced Performance

Custom websites are built while keeping performance optimization in mind. Implementing coding practices that would:

  • Complement the business
  • Find multimedia elements to go along with it
  • Organize the entire website so that it is user-friendly

All this ensures that the website loads quickly and provides a smooth interface for users.


  • Tailored to the identity of your brand and objectives
  • Sets you apart
  • Allows scalability for future growth
  • Gives better online visibility
  • Allows for enhanced user experiences


  • Requires higher initial investment
  • Takes longer to go live when compared to a template

Website Templates

Website Templates are an excellent option for businesses that seek a quick and ready-made website to go live in a matter of days. Along with being a quick fix, a website template is also budget-friendly.

These websites are made beforehand, with layouts and designs that can be individually customized without changing the overall design.

Ready Made Design

The designs for website templates are ready-made. The designers have a set of layouts and designs that have selective customizability. These themes are made to cater to different businesses and purposes. By understanding the principles of usability and appeal, these designers create designs you can choose from. Picking a template allows you to save time. You do not have to work on the website from scratch; the colors, typography, and visual style are already decided. All that is left for you to do is add your business-related content and have it go live.

Cost Effective

A new business is usually the one in dire need of a website. And typically, new ventures don’t have the funds for much, let alone a website. So, to keep from spending a lot of money on the website, getting a pre-designed, pre-made website is the best option. The templates are affordable, making them an attractive option for budding businesses. This gives businesses an online presence that proves their credibility without spending so much initially.


Having your website up and running in less time will be far more manageable when you get a template. This is because the pre-built layouts and structures only require that you have the content created for them. Once you are done with this, the website is ready to go live. This benefits your business, as you will have a legit online presence in a few days.


  • Affordable
  • Time-Saving
  • Convenient


  • Not original design
  • Limited customization
  • It may not complement your business
  • No scalability

Similarities between Custom Websites and Templates

Content Management System

CMS platforms like WordPress can be used for custom websites and templates. This allows the users of both kinds of websites, regardless of the layout and configuration, to update the content easily.

Mobile Responsive

Both can be designed in such a way that allows the users to view the website on their phones. The interface and the layout are user-friendly and can be used on all devices.

Differences between Custom Websites and Templates

Design Customization

Custom websites allow website owners to change the design however they want. The design is customizable and can be tailored to the needs of the business. Templates have limited customization options and cannot be changed if the needs of the business change.

Scalability and Flexibility

Custom websites are flexible and allow you to change anything in any way that you want. You can add more features based on the growth of the website. However, on a template website, such changes cannot be made.


Custom websites ensure your business has a unique online presence. There will be no other website like yours, and the vibe of your business will only be yours to claim. Templates will be generic and available to several users. You can find a lot of websites that look like yours.

Digital Marketing In Birmingham

In the sea of websites, choosing between custom websites and templates ultimately depends on your business’s needs, budget, and long-term goals. While website templates offer convenience and affordability, they lack the personalization and scalability that custom websites provide. A digital agency in Birmingham, like ours, can help you make an informed decision by understanding your specific requirements. Whether you opt for a custom website or a template, remember that investing in a solid online presence is essential for your business’s success and making a mark in the industry.

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