Beating Burnout And Building A Business With Emile Hughes

Beating Burnout And Building A Business With Emile Hughes

BY ATOMIC | SEP 25, 2023

Beating Burnout And Building A Business With Emile Hughes

Gayle chatted with Emile Hughes of RideBHM, a one-of-a-kind mountain bike park in Birmingham, AL. The two discussed overcoming burnout in a career, marketing RideBHM to the community and beyond, and the future of the sport. 

We as a digital marketing agency in Birmingham are along for the ride!

Key Takeaways

Emile’s story of beating burnout, chasing dreams to build a business, and dedication to making mountain biking accessible to as many people as possible is truly an inspiration. Here are some things we learned about Emile and RideBHM:

Rolling with the Punches:

Emile went from urgent care to mountain biking — talk about a career 180! The guy spotted a gap in the market and jumped right in. Also, his keen ear for customer feedback shows he’s not just along for the ride; he’s steering the ship. Or in this case, the mountain bike.

Keep It Pro, But Make It Fun:

This isn’t some backyard biking track; it’s the real deal. Emile’s got pros taking care of the trails, and Gayle even gave it a thumbs-up. If you’ve ever tried biking on a poorly maintained trail, you know it can be a wheelie bad time. RideBham’s got you covered, though.

Why Stop Here?

Emile’s got big dreams. We’re talking e-bikes, lifts, shuttles—the whole shebang. And it’s not just about Birmingham; this model could shred in other locations too. Also, he’s got his eye on the member count and knows he’s got to get those numbers up. “Go big or go home” seems to be the mantra here.

To sum it up, Emile’s not just playing the game, he’s looking to change it. Helmets on, folks, because with Emile at the handlebars, we’re in for a wild ride!

If you would like to learn more about Emile Hughes, check out his website and socials.

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