Promoting Yourself & Opening Up To New Opportunities With Ray McKenzie

Promoting Yourself & Opening Up To New Opportunities With Ray McKenzie

BY ATOMIC | NOV 7, 2023

In a cool convo with Gayle, Ray McKenzie spills the beans on his wild ride from office life to being his own boss, running multiple businesses. Ray, a super dad and the big brain behind Starting Point and Red Beach Advisors shares the inside scoop on snagging opportunities, taking chances, and building a mindset all about tackling problems and adding value

As a digital marketing agency in Birmingham, we want to hear Ray’s advice on business because, well, who wouldn’t?

Promoting Yourself & Opening Up To New Opportunities With Ray McKenzie

Ray gives some cool tips for businesses: Grab every chance, use your connections, balance life and work, listen to customers, be smart in marketing, and stay disciplined every day. These easy tips are gold for anyone wanting to do well in business. But don’t worry, we got the full details for you right here:

Key Business Takeaways

  • Opportunity Recognition: Ray emphasizes the importance of being open to and actively seeking opportunities, as they often pass by unnoticed.
  • Risk and Network Reliance: He used his solid corporate connections and impressive resume as a safety net, giving him the confidence to take risks in starting his own business.
  • Work-Life Integration: Ray has organized his business journey so his work and personal life blend well, making sure neither gets overlooked.
  • Value-Driven Consultancy: In his consulting work, he really focuses on making valuable and clear changes for clients, highlighting how important it is to be adaptable and open to necessary changes.
  • Software Development: Ray noticed a missing piece in the market, so he created a workflow management tool first for internal use. Because it was useful and in demand, it later expanded to serve broader professional services.
  • Customer-Centric Growth: Both of his companies have grown by really listening to what customers want, making sure their products and services keep up with changing needs and demands.
  • Marketing Insights: Ray gives tips on good marketing, highlighting the power of storytelling and how effective email marketing can be when it tells a great story.
  • Routine and Discipline: Ray highlights the importance of daily discipline and healthy habits, saying they play a big role in his success by boosting productivity and well-being.

Ray McKenzie’s interview is packed with helpful advice for entrepreneurs. He talks about his journey, sharing how he took smart risks, kept learning, and always aimed to deliver value. Ray gives tips on spotting opportunities, innovating with the customer in mind, marketing effectively, and balancing personal and professional life. His all-around approach provides a useful guide for new and experienced entrepreneurs to handle the challenges of business with strength and smart strategies.

If you would like to learn more about Ray McKenzie, check out his website and socials.

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